Love 💘

Love….the most know , said, written, loved word ever. Like Marx called religion an opium, I would call ‘love’ the same. Opium creates illusion, a false reality thus giving a sense of false belongingness… it’s just another lie like god and religion..

As soon as a child comes to this world, it’s welcomed with a huge box filled with lies, in which Love is just one among it…

Like every child I was also taught the same – love exist, mom loves, siblings love, couples love, and other glorifications about it. I too believed there was something called love dressed in brick red with a heart shaped body…. I was happy, hopeful and admired it’s beauty. Slowly slowly with my age, I realised, love was a unicorn , a fairy tale… Which has never existed… But still world believes and is trapped in this illusionary black hole from where escape is not know……..


The idea gender equality deals with equal treatment irrespective of their sex.gender discrimination deals not only with discrimination against women but also with men.unfortunately discrimination against men is not focused too much. some of the discrimination faced by women in the present wold are child marriage, dowry system,female foeticide, marital rape,infanticide, sex trafficking, dowry killing, stoning(commonly seen in Judaism and Islamic culture),flogging, genital mutilation, forced sterilisation, witchcraft, widow inheritance, acid attack,war rape,child sexual abuse, forced prostitution, employment inequality (equal access, promotion and working condition,unequal pay),triple talaq,unequal succession right.comming to men,they even have no right to cry or show sentimental emotion towards society as a result they are made to suffer many psychological problems and health hazards.  family responsibility is always in their head.

Studies have shown that if a man interacts with a child then his aggressive nature seem to decrease rapidly as the level of hormones responsible for it decrease.from time immemorial gender roles are set up which is followed even today.mother looking after the child and all house activity while father earning money for the family is actually a gender stereotype-which has to be changed.If males are given opportunity to look after their kids,they become less aggressive thus anger,frustration,domestic violence against women, etc decreases.The responsibility of earning income to the family can be taken by both.Duties are to be shared.

Gender roles and stereotypes grow with the development of a child.THIS has to be blocked at any cost.the prime  responsibility is with their parents and also with teachers. we cannot uproot these stereotypes from this world but we can atleast transform our family.viewing females mensurating as impure,perception of women as sexual object etcs can be completely eradicated from the family. Girl child can be taught karate to defend herself while boy child can be taught to respect women,and also to’s freedom to pray,to cry,to move,to talk,to take responsibility etc should not be taken only on the basis of gender.(in most of the case)In india a father don’t need his daughter to study and if a father educate his daughter, her husband need her to be a house wife but still the same husband needs a female gynecologist to attend his wife’s’s ironical…….. Its true that for the betterment and development of the society gender equality must be achieved.To acchieve this tedious task mindset of the people has to change.its the responsibility of present generation to help evolve the future generation from all these prejudices and stereotypes………….


The idea of Triple talaq/oral divorce-a very sensitive and serious issue in India is ironically laughable.It allows a male to divorce his wife just by uttering the word talaq  three times(it can be done through a message, letter,Skype,Facebook, or through a phone call).The custom support patriarchy and obviously oppose gender equality in one way or the other. The practice also challenges right to equality as guaranteed by our Indian constitution. People support triple talaq by giving stupid excuses such as it’s better to talaq the wife than kill her,it encourage remarriage ,etc.I can’t just imagine how can somebody think so.just imagine breaking the marriage of 20 years with in just 20 seconds.this idea seems to be childish and it’s shame to know that such a thing is not banned in India. 

According to my opinion, triple talaq is a barbarious,crazy idea.It exploits women and their basic rights.A girl has her own rights and has to be considered as a human being and not like a waste product which one can throw off after using it.mindset of people has to change and everyone should realise that these stupid customs were practised by old barbarians at the time when people weren’t much advanced,educated or enlighted.Education is the best tool to spread equatity.Hence it is the duty of present generation to destroy every kind of injustice, inequality against women in the name of religion and make the world a better place to live the time has come to end every kind of prejudice, to reform personal laws and to have a uniform civil code.Sati,child marriage etc were also once a custom and now we have come so far from it now it is the time of triple talaq to be a photograph…………….


Religion is a way of living and it’s ultimate aim is to build character in every human being but followers fail to identify it’s aim.They completely reject view other religious views and beliefs. According to my opinion, the concept of God is the most dangerous creation by man.The idea of sin,hell,Satan etc is to create fear in people to lead a life without harming others.The iron age was a time of ignorance,superstition,violence, inequality,racism,violence,etc and hence these are reflected in religious texts written at that time. Due to fear of failure,to explain uncertainty, people approach God.God is imaginary.Pictures and stories of gods were mere creations of great artists.Can we imagine lord Shiva with blue skin,snakes,damaru roaming with godess Parvathy with numerous hands,head,etc??obviously not.Religious books,stories should be kept as only reference – only to take good essence out of it.I.e., the concept of ardhanaareshwara teaches us the concept of gender equality.There are many religion which even deny medical treatment when contracted with deadly diseases.Right to pray is even neglected in the name of custom,practice, religion.Sati,child marriage,triple talaq,concept of caste(pure and impure according to caste and gender), offering Bali,starving,harming oneself, seem to emerge from religion. Divorse,homosexuality,are considered sin by most of all religions which violates one’s basic human rights.Earlier days madness was related to devil and curse of God but now we know it is a mental disorder. Morality changes from time to time,people to people,place to place.The morality at the time when religious book were written is obviously  entirely different from today’s morality and hence blindly practising and following it curtails the right and freedom of people.moreover we cannot neglect the chance of rewriting and correction of religious books by our ancestors.Hence it’s the time for us to decide logically what is right and wrong and act accordingly. In the process of course we can take the help of religion by heeding good lessons from it.